Our call is to serve the Body of Christ without denominacional frontiers. Our identity and purpose is based on three pillars:

1) We have a teaching ministry, whose mission is to build the Body of Christ and train workers for the harvest of the Lord Jesus, so that they will be able to fulfill the Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20.

2) We have  a revival ministry in alignment with Acts 10:38, Matthew 10:5-8; Mark 16:14-18. We believe that to ministry with demonstration of Spirit and power (1 Corinthians 2:4), and with impartation of spiritual gifts (Romans 1:11) should merge with the ministry of the Word (Mark 16:20).

We also believe that passionate worship is fundamental to create an atmosphere where the gifts of the Spirit, signs and wonders can be released. We also believe that is fundamental to ministry divine healing, because healing must follow the teaching or preaching of the Word.

3) We have a prophetic ministry: and our main goals are: to train and equip Christians to hear clearly the Voice of the Lord daily (Exodus 15:26); to enable Christians to discern the times and seasons in the calendar of God (Luke 12: 54-56); to help each one to discover their specific identity and purpose in the Kingdom (Psalm 139:16); to help Christians to be commissioned in their full purpose in the Kingdom.

In order to fulfill our mission, we not only use the internet as a vehicle for communication, but also through our written materials (books).

Pastors Rogerio and Celia Clavello