Our sphere of influence in the Kingdom is about:

  • Ministerial training for those who connect with us to be equipped to fulfill theirs Kingdom callings. For this, we carry out a ministerial training through distance learning classes over the internet in our TCM School of Ministry.
  • Plant revival seeds by conducting revival meetings. The focus of these meetings is not only to teach about faith, divine healing, prophetic and revival, but also to demonstrate this in practice, ministering divine healing, ministering baptism in the Holy Spirit, ministering impartation of spiritual gifts, etc.
  • Printed page ministry. We have several books released to enable the Christian workers to help in preparing Christians  to fulfill the Great Commission. See the BOOKS/LIVROS section of this website to learn more about our books. These books are used not only for personal edification, but also in study groups and also in our TCM School of Ministry.
  • Mentoring those who connect with us to help them find their identity and purpose in the Kingdom.