We offer to churches and other ministries  some face-to-face seminars. Among them we have listed the following:

RESPONDING TO THE CALL: This course talks about the calling and destiny of every Christian and the keys to enter that destiny.

LEARNING TO USE SPIRITUAL WEAPONS: The purpose of this seminar is to learn about what they are, how to receive, and how to properly handle some fundamental spiritual weapons so that we can overcome the battles of faith that the Lord has planned for us to fight and to overcome.

RECYCLING THE FUNDAMENTALS: The deeper the foundation of a construction, the safer and more stable this building will be. This seminar aims to teach  about the fundamentals of the Christian faith that will allow the believer to continue on his spiritual journey toward his purpose in God.

SCHOOL OF HEALING: It aims to enable each Christian to minister divine healing within the Biblical parameters and the different biblical methods of healing as well as to present the various schools / currents of healing and their due representatives.

GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT: We will study in detail not only about the operation of each spiritual gift, but how to receive and to activate the operation of the gifts of the Spirit in our lives.

REVIVALS AND REVIVALISTS: In this course we study the principles of revival, as well as the history of great revivals and the biography of revivalists.

LEARNING TO HEAR THE VOICE OF THE LORD: This course teaches not only how God speaks to the Christian, but also keys to activate our spiritual senses to hear clearly the Voice of the Lord.

For more information (including other courses available) and invitations, contact us by e-mail: programacrescendo@gmail.com